Webinar: Sustainable Cleaning Solutions: Optimizing Performance and Reducing Waste


Start date: Aug 08, 2024, 11:00am ET

Description: In this technical presentation, we explore innovative ways to integrate filtration equipment and chemistry to enhance cleaning performance, extend bath life and minimize waste. Our focus includes the use of membrane filtration systems – which can recover up to 98% of cleaning solutions – dramatically reducing the volume of concentrated waste requiring disposal. Additionally, we delve into strategies for maximizing cleaner longevity by precisely adjusting oil concentrations, leveraging the direct relationship between cleaner concentration and effective oil content management. By adopting these methods, businesses can achieve significant cost savings through reduced chemical consumption, lower waste disposal expenses and decreased energy usage – all while promoting environmental sustainability.

  • Membrane Filtration Systems: Learn how these systems protect industrial assets and recover a substantial percentage of cleaning solutions.
  • Cost-Saving Strategies: Discover opportunities for savings through extended cleaner longevity and reduced chemical waste
  • Technical Cleanliness Challenges: Understand the various challenges in achieving and maintaining technical cleanliness across processes.
  • Establish a more sustainable and cost-efficient cleaning program that delivers superior results, reduces downtime and minimizes environmental impact
Fernando Carminholi
Business Development, Ƶ
Fernando is a Chemical Engineer graduate from E.S.P.M. in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He oversees Ƶ's distribution channels and business development team. Fernando has extensive experience in the chemical specialty products industry for surface finishing – focusing on industrial parts cleaning, metal pre-treatment and functional electroplating.

Barry Shroer
Vice President, PSI
Barry Schroer is the vice president at PSI. Since joining PSI in 2018, he has been responsible for driving sales growth and distributing Ƶ Products due to his extensive background in metal finishing processes and solutions. He has over 25 years of experience in the metal finishing industry and a BS in Chemistry from Middle Tennessee State University.

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